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Electrical Services

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Electrical Services by River Bend Property Services

Electrical Services range from a simple light fixture installation to a complete rewiring of your home. Whether you realize it or not, there are a number of ways in which you daily depend on electricity in order to carry out each of your day to day activities. Whether you consider cooking, using air conditioning, lights, television, or charging your cellular device, electricity is a foundational tool that allows each one of those things to function properly and help you get your task done.

Depending on electricity is done with little to no thought by many individuals. That is, until, it stops working. If you have an electrical problem, consulting an experienced electrician for their services is extremely important. Whether we’re talking about electrical wiring, a problem with an outlet, upgrading an installation, or getting to the bottom of an electrical issue, our team of skilled electricians are ready to tackle the job and deliver fantastic results!

We can be consulted for any number of problems, concerns, or questions regarding repairs, upgrades, and installations! Call us today to schedule an appointment to get the job done.

Electricians You Can Trust: Why Choose Us?

Our team of electricians are ready to share their expertise to get the job done. We are dedicated to providing each one of our clients with the efficient, exceptional electrical service they deserve. Whether you are in need of a wiring installation, repair, electrical inspection, upgrade to your lighting or appliances, or need consultation in order to get your commercial space up and running, we want you to rely on us as your go to electrical help. Ready to meet every need in a timely manner, we are fueled by customer satisfaction and providing a personalized experience, communicating with you, our client, throughout each and every step of the process.

We take price in each and every one of the projects we work on and make sure that the job is done right so that you have a fully functioning electrical system that you can rely on to meet your daily needs. If you need electrical services for your residential space, we’re prepared, licensed, and certified to get the job done. If it is commercial electrical services you need, count on us. Our team of professionals are ready to solve any issue and care for you and your commercial space!

Residential Services

We all understand that home is where the heart is. That is why it is so important to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. An electrical problem not only leads to inconvenience and frustration, but if left unaddressed, can pose a safety hazard to you and your family. Creating a home that considers the latest upgrades and makes sure that you and your family are safe and protected is one of the best things you can do. From hazard inspections to electrical wiring and electrical installations, we want to help you make that happen. Here is a list of residential electrical services we provide.

  • Electrical Assistance with Kitchen Remodels
  • Electrical Inspection and Troubleshooting
  • Plug Upgrades
  • Plug Removal
  • Plug Installation
  • Installing a Generator
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • LED Lighting Installation
  • Pool or Spa Electrical Work
  • Installing Car Charging Station
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Indoor Lighting Installation
  • Dimmed Lighting Installation and Repairs
  • Electrical Assistance with Kitchen Remodels
  • Electrical Inspection and Troubleshooting
  • Plug Upgrades
  • Plug Removal
  • Plug Installation
  • Installing a Generator
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • LED Lighting Installation
  • Pool or Spa Electrical Work
  • Installing Car Charging Station
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Indoor Lighting Installation
  • Dimmed Lighting Installation and Repairs

Interested in a specific service you don’t see listed? Give us a call to discuss the project you need done! Our team of professionals are skilled in a vast variety of jobs and are ready to share their expertise in each and every way.

Consult Us For Your Home:

Turning your home into the perfect space is filled with numerous decisions that you must make. From the perfect light fixture to the staple chandelier, turning your home into a beautiful space is an endeavor that ends in pride and comfort. However, the decision making process isn’t the only thing that goes into achieving that comfortable living space. Once you’ve deciding on the perfect pieces, installing them is the next step.

Our professional electrical services are just what you need in order to make your dream home a reality. Our expert electricians can help you select the correct materials and installation components that are necessary to correctly and safely install any piece into your home, while making sure that it fits in with the pre-existing electrical requirements of your home.

Our knowledge on all things electrical help us consult each and every one of our customers on proper wiring, installing light fixtures and upgrades, and creating a space that you can trust and feel safe in.

We are available to provide assistance according to your busy schedule. We make it our goal to be flexible so that our project on your home is as least intrusive or disruptive as possible. We can be contacted with any questions and for helpful advice that can help you attain the home you have always dreamed of.

Surge Protection For Your Home: The Latest in Electrical Services

Along with standard electrical services, our experts are well versed on installation of whole-house surge protection devices. These devices can be connected to the electrical service box or a home and are essential to guaranteeing that the only electricity that is being let into your home is that which it needs. In order to understand the benefits of whole house surge protection, let’s first take a look at the details surrounding electrical surges.

Where do Surges Come From?

First of all, a surge can come from any number of electricity producing causes. Having said that, though many individuals might readily associate lighting being the primary cause of surges in your home, the truth is that nearly 80 percent of surges are bursts of electricity that come from appliances in our own homes. Appliances can produce excess voltage that gets introduced to a home’s electrical lines. Household items like air conditioning units, heat pumps, washing machines, and refrigerators are just a few of the many items that can produce extra bits of energy that collect over time.

Effects of Surges and Overvoltages

Household items typically produce only one over-voltage at any given time. One surge is usually not capable of blowing a breaker or harming the entire electrical system of your home, but over time these surges collect and later manifest themselves. As these surges add up, the potential that they harm your electrical system or damage your appliances becomes greater and greater. This overvoltage can blow a system, lower the performance level of your household appliances and electronics, and decrease the length of their useful lifespans.

The Solution

The solution to this overvoltage is a surge protection mechanism that can be attached to your primary electrical service box. By utilizing whole house surge protection, you are able to eliminate the negative impact high voltage can have on the proper functioning and reliability of your household electrical system. This protection keeps the excess surge bursts from attacking your appliances, electronics, and overall system.

Commercial Services

Building up your commercial space comes with a long list of tasks that need to be taken care of prior to launching your business. Among those tasks are those related to electrical needs and services. Whether you are in need of a consultation about the services required before launching your commercial space and related business, or are in need of detailed installations and upgrades, you can trust us to get the job done and deliver impeccable results. Take a look at the commercial services we offer:

  • Electrical Assessment and Troubleshooting
  • Energy Efficiency Consultation
  • Motion Detectors Installation
  • Security Lights Installation
  • Backup Generator Installation
  • Complete Facility Electrical Wiring
  • New Construction Electrical Wiring
  • Commercial Lighting Installation
  • Lighting Installations
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Commercial Electrical Repair and Maintenance
  • Telecommunications Wiring
  • Security Systems Installation
  • Video Surveillance Installation
  • Fire Alarm Installation and Maintenance

If you are in need of a particular service but don’t see it listed above, contact us for more details and a consultation regarding the services needed. Our team of expert electricians are prepared to work on a wide variety of projects in order to set up your commercial space for success!

LED Lighting Upgrades: Save Money on Your Electricity Bill and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

It’s no secret that LED lighting is becoming all the rave. Many homeowners and business owners are transitioning towards the use of LED lighting, and with good reason. This electrical upgrade has many advantages that appeal to numerous individuals for their homes and places of business. Among the benefits are reducing your carbon footprint, saving substantial amounts on monthly or yearly energy costs, and facilitating an electrical system that boasts high levels of efficiency. Here is a closer look at the benefits involved with a conversion to LED lighting:

  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Improved Physical Robustness
  • Smaller Size
  • Faster Switching
  • Fewer Environmental Concerns When Considering Disposal

How These Benefits Translate to Advantages for Your Commercial Space:

  • Less Time and Money Spent on Maintenance: Using LED lighting instead can save you much time and money that is often associated with changing light bulbs or managing upkeep of these more traditional light sources. LED bulbs last up to 5 times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs and up to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • LED Lighting Produces Less Heat: In addition to the time and money that can be saved in regards to the maintenance of your bulbs, LED lighting also does us a huge favor in reducing the heat that comes off of the bulbs when in use. If you have a commercial space that employs much lighting or has many lighting fixtures, this collective heat can accumulate, creating a warm space that must be addressed with more temperature control. Less heat comes off of LED bulbs when in use, cooling off your space and decreasing the excessive need for air conditioning.
  • Electricity Bill Savings: Another advantage that comes about from the use of LED lighting are the savings you will have in store. The use of LED lighting instead of fluorescent or incandescent can save you approximately 75 percent on your energy needs for your commercial space.

Interested in LED Upgrades? Here’s What You Can Do:

  1. Consultation with Our Expert Electricians. The first step to upgrading your commercial space is setting up an appointment with our expert electricians. During this consultation, we will be happy to answer any question and provide you with knowledgeable advice surrounding the LED upgrades.
  1. We Will Conduct a Walk Through of Your Space. After consulting with us, our team of professionals will do a walk through of your space in order to assess your existing lighting and from what point we will be starting. This will help us give you an informed estimate of the details that will be involved in your particular upgrade project.
  1. We Will Provide a Detailed Estimate of All That Is Involved. After doing a walk through, you will be provided with an estimate that outlines our recommendations for lighting replacements. This professional estimate will provide you with details on costs, likely savings, and the materials that will be necessary to upgrade your lighting system.
  1. Installation of Your LED Upgrades. During this next step, we will begin the installation process of your LED lighting. Throughout the entirety of the installation process, you can expect professional, communicative experts that will be clear, concise, and efficient in their work.
  1. Take a Seat and Watch How You Save. The last step involves reaping the benefits and witnessing the advantages of your upgrade!

Our team is well-versed and knowledgeable on a variety of electrical services. If you are interested in upgrading your lighting system for your residential or commercial space, don’t hesitate to give us a call to get started now!

Benefits of Installing an Electric Generator for Your Home or Commercial Space 

Electricity plays a crucial part in the day to day routines for each one of us. Having said that, I think we can all agree that it is during the situations when we are faced with an obstacle that we realize that we need it the most. This obstacle we are referring to is when our electricity goes out. Whether this outage is caused by a storm, a widespread power outage, or a problem with a fallen power line, there is one solution that can make our lives all the much easier and allow us immediate access to electricity in another way.

This is where an electric generator comes into play. Whether you are considering the installation of an electric generator for your home or business, there are numerous benefits to consider that can make your decision to do so that much easier.

Advantages of Having a Backup Electric Generator:

  • Access to Continuous Power. One of the first advantages to having an electric generator is access to power, despite an outage. Whatever the cause, a power outage can be a frustrating and frightening experience for you, your family, or your customers if you are considering your commercial space. If you are experiencing an outage in your home, and are unprepared, you and your family can quickly find yourselves uncomfortable, especially if you are relying on an HVAC system. An electric generator can keep your indoor space illuminated, allowing you and your family to feel comfortable and at ease. This same idea applies to your commercial space. Having a backup generator can help you keep business moving and allow your customers and clients to feel calm and collected.
  • Greater Safety. Along with all the conveniences of comfort, having an electric generator also allows greater safety in situations where there is no power. In a dark space, family members in a home, or customers in a commercial building, can find themselves having difficulty navigating the space. With a backup generator, this potential issue is eliminated. What’s more, during a power outage, one of the go to methods for keeping the space lit is the use of candles. If left unattended, or burning for long amounts of time, they can become a fire hazard that could cause even greater problems.
  • Minimized Loss. Lastly, the use of a backup electric generator can help you minimize loss that otherwise occurs when the power is out for hours on end. In the case of a commercial building power outage, chilled or frozen merchandise, if left without electricity, can become ruined or spoiled. The same is true for a residential space when considering food that is kept in the refrigerator or freezer. With the help of an electric generator, the mess and inconvenience can be avoided.

If you are interested in having an electrical generator installed for your residential or commercial building, you might have many questions regarding what’s involved with installation, cost, and how it works. Call us today with your questions and we’ll let you in on the process involved and what it can do for your space!