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Furniture Assembly

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Furniture Assembly Services by River Bend Property Services

Adding furniture to your space is a great way to bring it to life, add character, and make it your own. Whether we are talking about a residential space or a commercial one, furniture, whether it be a one of a kind table, comfortable sofa and chairs, or the perfect desk, is the special touch that can make a space stand out and reach its full potential. Having said that, we all know that incorporating furniture into our space is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, picking out the furniture is perhaps the easiest part of the process, and even that can come with its own set of challenges. What we are referring to is the fact that your furniture never comes in one piece. Perhaps the shelf or armchair you fell in love with arrives on your doorstep appearing to be one huge puzzle of strange parts.

Before you have created that perfect space, one small obstacle remains in the way – the dreaded furniture assembly. Sure, each piece of furniture typically comes with a guide or detailed instructions regarding how to assemble your piece. However, these instructions do not always eliminate the possibility for frustration or hours on end wasted from trying to decipher hidden codes.

It is during these moments when calling on a furniture assembly professional can be the light at the end of the tunnel. If you are looking for assistance in the assembly of your next furniture purchase, look no further. Our team of skilled professionals are ready to come in and get the job done, leaving you with a finished piece that is ready to be enjoyed in your home or business!

Why Choose Furniture Assembly Professionals?

Having someone help you with your furniture assembly needs is a great way to rid yourself of frustration, wasted time, and over excessive effort. This is especially true when you have multiple pieces to assemble and little time to do it. Our team of furniture assembly professionals are skilled and dedicated to leaving you with a finished piece that is ready to be added to your space. With every project, our main priority is our customer. We aim to provide customer satisfaction like no other, and make it our mission to quickly deliver the perfect piece. Here’s a closer look at why it is a great decision to trust our furniture assembly professionals to get the job done right:

  1. No Worry. Our professional assembly team will provide you with impeccable service at home or in your commercial space. By trusting us, you remain worry free and can excitedly look forward to your completed piece of furniture.
  2. Experienced Professionals. Upon choosing us for your assembly needs, you will find that each member of our furniture assembly team is experienced and well-versed on assembling a vast variety of furniture pieces for the home or business space. Our field experts can be trusted and counted on to deliver the service in a prompt and safe manner that will be highly beneficial to you.
  3. Save Time. Another advantage of choosing furniture assembly professionals are the amounts of precious time that you will save from going to waste. Assembling furniture, especially without the right tools and know how, can result in a task that requires hours on end to complete. With the help of our team of assembly experts, you can spend those hours at work, with your family, or with yourself.
  4. Choosing our furniture assembly service is also a wise, money saving option. The impeccable result you will find is an affordable one that will not leave you with any regrets.
  5. Eliminate Frustration. Along with the aforementioned advantages of opting for our service is another well worth the mention. Assembling those staple pieces without the proper amounts of time, patience, or the correct tools can result in a very frustrating, discouraged feeling. Choosing to ask for the help of skilled experts is a great way to eliminate the potential for that frustration and to end up with the perfectly mantled piece that is ready to be placed in your residential or commercial space.
  6. Stay Safe. Assembling large pieces of furniture without the proper know how can also be dangerous. If you are unsure of what you are doing or have trouble managing larger, heavier components, you will find that assembly professionals can be of huge help. We are skilled and experienced, available to provide you with a service that keeps you safe and leaves you satisfied.

Residential or Commercial? We Have Services For You!

Whether you are interested in furniture assembly for your home or commercial space, we offer services that can meet your needs and leave you with finished pieces that are ready to be added to your room in order to bring it to life. Whether it be furniture for a sitting room, a large desk space for a reception area, or a bed frame for a guest bedroom, our team of professional assemblers are ready to deliver impeccable results that satisfy each and every one of our customers.

Take a closer look below at each of the services we have to offer to our clientele.

Residential Services

  • Furniture Unloading
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Bookcase Assembly
  • Assembly of IKEA products
  • Bed Frame Assembly
  • Futon Assembly
  • Bike Assembly
  • Storage Rack Assembly
  • Assembly of Entertainment Center
  • Outdoor Furniture Assembly
  • Desk Assembly
  • Shelves Assembly
  • Table and Chair Assembly
  • Cabinet Assembly and Installation
  • Sofa Assembly
  • Gate and Fence Assembly
  • Grill Assembly
  • Blackboard Assembly
  • Blackboard Installation
  • Basketball Pole Assembly
  • Basketball Pole Installation
  • Gaming Tables Assembly
  • Fitness Equipment

Commercial Services

Our commercial services can be divided into the services we provide for numerous types of businesses and organizations.

  • Furniture Assembly for Retail and Shopping Malls: Among the many commercial locations our team can provide services for are retail buildings and shopping malls. Whether you are looking for a dressing room to be assembled, are interested in having a display table set up on center stage, or need benches and tables set up in a food court, our team of professionals are ready to provide you with superlative surface and to leave you with a space that is ready to be utilized and enjoyed by your customers.
  • Furniture Assembly for Restaurants and Food Service: In addition to retail buildings and shopping malls, we also provide services for restaurants and food service establishments. It is in these types of spaces that it is common to find bulk furniture of similar types. For example, many tables and chairs, benches, serving counters, and even kitchen furniture, are not uncommon. That translates to much time needed for assembly. We can make that job easier for you by setting up each of your furniture pieces with special attention to detail.
  • Furniture Assembly for Hospitals and Clinics. Another type of commercial space we provide furniture assembly services for are hospitals and healthcare offices. In these spaces, several cabinets, chairs for the waiting area, and hospital beds are necessary in order to create the appropriate space and make it welcoming for your patients. We pride ourselves on quick installation and assembly of each and every furniture piece that you have chosen for your healthcare office or hospital space.
  • Furniture Assembly for Small Businesses or Corporate Offices. Along with the previously mentioned locations, we also provide services for small business offices and large corporate offices. From desk spaces and cubicles, to break rooms and cafeterias, we can assemble any piece in order to help you achieve the environment you have envisioned in order to maximize efficiency and help your employees feel at ease.
  • Furniture Assembly for Banks: Another type of commercial space our experts are skilled on providing services for are financial institutions. Whether in need of desks for the bankers, sitting furniture for incoming customers, are want furniture assembled for the counter space, we are prepared to provide our expertise and help you get the job done in as quick and efficient a manner as possible.
  • Furniture Assembly for Hotels and Resorts: Our assembly services also extend to hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments. Whether you are in need of bed frame assembly, sitting area assembly, or table and chair assembly, we are here to help. We are experienced in assembling a number of pieces that can be used throughout a hotel or resort space and are available and excited to share our expertise.
  • Furniture Assembly for Municipal and Government Buildings: Additional furniture assembly services we provide are for municipal buildings and government buildings. In this type of setting, it is not uncommon to find numerous desks, cubicles, and other spaces utilized by visitors or employees which are filled with appropriate furniture. We can help in these circumstances to create a space that helps achieve the correct ambience for these types of buildings.
  • Furniture Assembly for Manufacturing Facilities: Lastly, as far as commercial spaces are concerned, we can provide furniture assembly services for manufacturing facilities. Whether in need of desk space, cubicles, or other manufacturing related furniture piece, we can share our expertise and get the job done in a timely manner.

If you are interested in having a piece assembled that is not listed here, give us a call to consult and discuss what other options are available. Our skilled assemblers are ready to take on any project and to bring 100 percent satisfaction to each of our clients!

Medical Furniture Assembly

Our team of experienced furniture assembly professionals can take care of each and every one of your medical furniture needs. Perhaps you have decided to upgrade your space with newer furniture in order to create a space that is more inviting and more comfortable for your visiting patients. Perhaps you are opening a new health care office and want to facilitate the perfect environment that leaves your patients feeling at ease. Well, whether you are updating your space, renovating and removing old furniture, expanding, or filling a new space, our expert assemblers can provide you with the hands on effort that you need. Our furniture assembly efforts start from the moment of unloading the furniture, to assembling each piece with unique attention to detail, to removing old furniture if necessary.

We specialize in the process of unloading and assembling many various types of furniture including waiting room furniture, administrative furniture, furniture for support offices, furniture for conference rooms, therapy room furniture, cafeteria or dining furniture, and furniture for patient rooms.

Our services for medical buildings also extend to the following:

  • Assembly of furniture and later placement in the desired location
  • Assembly and placement of medical beds and carts
  • Assembly of filing systems
  • Placement of filing systems
  • Assembly of seating
  • Placement of seating

Repackaging Services

Furniture assembly is our passion and purpose. We strive to share our expertise on the matter by leaving each customer satisfied and content with the service that has been provided. Having said that, we understand the difficulty that comes along with a situation in which the wrong piece has been mistakenly ordered or shipped from the supplier. We are all human, and mistakes cannot be avoided.

However, if the scenario arises where a piece of furniture needs to be returned, it is not uncommon that an obstacle arises. Perhaps the box was ruined, the safety packaging is no longer useful, or you ask the question of what steps must be followed in order to correctly enter the piece back into stock and after send out the correct one in its place In situations such as these, many businesses might make the decision to not bother at all or to throw out the piece altogether. Not only can this take a toll on profit margins, but it can be an expensive choice that asks much of your time.

The solution for this type of problem can be found when opting for our repackaging services. We understand the difficulty that comes along with all that is involved with repackaging and returning any piece of furniture. That is why we are available to share our expertise and provide you with a service that can help you quickly find a solution when it comes to your furniture needs. Upon choosing us for our repackaging services, our experts will assess your furniture piece for any damages and will work with you further to repackage the item and return it to the retailer. By assessing the piece of furniture itself, communicating with the buyer, the retailer, and the manufacturer, we can build a packaging concept that best fits with the piece and makes sure it gets back to the retailer with no additional problems.

This service saves much time and money, considering both sides – that of the retailer as well as that of the manufacturer. By saving money on costly returns and helping you get your furniture piece packaged appropriately, we can help facilitate a process that is as smooth as possible. Below is a list of what this service includes:

  • Direct communication with retailers and manufacturers to find the best solution
  • Working closely with manufacturers to develop an efficient packaging solution
  • Providing a detailed report on the repackaged tems and the service provided
  • Providing photos of the repackaged product

Retail Assembly

Our retail assembly services are useful in a variety of situations. For businesses in need of exceptional displays that can work well to motivate potential customers and clients towards making a purchase, well assembled furniture can make all the difference. This is also true for businesses whose primary purpose is to sell furniture. Shops and businesses that display many pieces of furniture in a showroom or display area will have their hands full with the number of pieces that need to be assembled. Despite the large effort that is required, correct assembly and placement of each of the pieces is essential to making sales and providing potential customers with pieces that can be properly assessed and tried.

Our team of skilled furniture assemblers can help you get the job done and create a great first impression with each of your potential customers. You can trust us to work hard to get the job done and create an image that your audience will remember.

Here is what we can help you with:

  • New Item Assembly
  • Display Assembly
  • Safety Checks of Assembled Items
  • Replacement Assembly of Damaged Items

Why Choose Us For Your Furniture Assembly Needs?

Our team of assembly experts are committed to providing you with a furniture assembly service that leaves you with the finished piece that is ready to be incorporated into your living space or place of business. Regardless of the type of assembly you need performed, we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction and a job well done. You can expect each of our skilled professionals to arrive on time, communicate in an effective way, and to get the job done as quickly as possible. We are well versed on working with the necessary tools to make your dreams for your space a reality.

Call us today for a consultation on your furniture assembly needs. We are happy and ready to answer any questions and help you with your upcoming assembly needs!